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Introduction post – About myself and the journey to starting this blog. Info about my blog, it’s goals and intentions.

Hey there Lovelies!

Welcome to my Single Life blog – Single, Thiry & Thriving! Where I write about single life lessons, single life in all its glory and tips & advice for a happy single life.

Firstly, I would like to say a HUGE thank you for reading my blog, and for your support!

A little bit about me…

I was born on 23.07.90 and grew up in a small town outside of Jerusalem, called Maále Adumim. I was raised by British parents, and grew up speaking both Hebrew and English fluently. And write in both languages. Writing has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve been writing ever since I could write, and I could not live without it in my world.

I’ve studies creative writing in Minshar College for art, in Tel-Aviv. It is combined with a BA in Literature and Psychology from the Open University of Israel. I completed my four years of studies in July 2020.

I have been single since September 2016, which is the longest I have ever been single. During that time, I learned to embrace myself and my own company, and how best to do it. It was a difficult and bumpy road, where I made a lot of foolish mistakes. I chased the wrong people and feared my own company.

As time passed, I learned how to love my own company. How not to be scared of single life. That singlehood can be a happy life. Being single is a choice. Being alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. You can be happy in your own skin and company, no matter what.

It is a process. I too was terrified of entering the single world. The unknown is one of the most terrifying things. Taking a leap into that abyss is absolutely paralyzing. And the very real, very plausible possibility of remaining single for the rest of our lives.

Over time I created my own system and methods. I took steps towards embracing myself the way I am, and my singlehood. Being single and happy, embracing yourself, requires maintenance. It is a way of life – which adapts and evolves with you. The more experience you acquire, the better your single life strategy will be.

And now about my blog…

You can read my very first blog post – Caged Lion – for the details. It all started with the chaos of the pandemic… Before COVID struck, I was juggling between school, work, friends, family, volunteer work, and more. I was spending more time out and about, than I was at home. The lock-down forced me to halt, and take a break from all that. To put my life on pause and recalculate my route.

There are many clear negative aspects. But the sudden break I was forced to take, also gave me the push (more like shove) I needed. It gave me time to reflect. Focus on my writing and my singlehood, and the implications and impact they have on my life.

Suddenly I became aware of the single life strategy I had in place, without even realizing it. I started to really break it down and work on developing my strategy. I decided to start share some of my strategy with the world, on my blog. Sadly, there are many singles out there that are crumbling under society’s pressures. That don’t know how to embrace themselves and their singlehood.

That got my wheels really turning. It encouraged me to do some research on singles blogs, and I couldn’t really find many single life advocates and bloggers… Only a few one-shot posts on the topic. And it’s truly is a shame, that there aren’t many bloggers in this niche… If built right, single life can be amazing and create many opportunities for you. And there are too many people that don’t have that support, or medium to turn to.

Single, Thiry & Thriving! Where I write about single life lessons, single life in all its glory and tips & advice for a happy single life.

I started this blog as an outlet for my writing. And as I continued to develop my blog, the niche started to fall into place. I wanted to create a platform. Somewhere that people around the world will have a place in, a source they can extract power and tools from. Now I’m spreading the self love, care and worth throughout the platforms. Sharing Tips and advice to best achieve those.

With that being said – HUGE DISCLAIMER – I am NOT a licensed therapist, and I don’t practice psychology, coaching (yet) or any other form of consulting. Anything I share on this blog is personal insights and experiences that can be used as a guide, that can be taken as just tips and advice from a fellow experienced single.

I hope you can derive the empowerment you need to embrace yourself. To learn from your mistakes and truly feel comfort in your own skin and company. WITHOUT needing to chase toxic people, or rely on others affirmations. Only your own.

Throughout my platforms I offer Tips & advice for having a happy single life and how to feel comfortable in your own skin and company. With the main goal of reaching more singles around the globe, and creating a new consensus about being single.

Join me on the journey to self-embracement,
Michal B. L.