Singlehood Lifestyle

An integral part of embracing yourself and singlehood, of developing a meaningful and significant relationship with yourself, is by maintaining that relationship. One of the best ways, in my opinion, to maintain the relationship you have with yourself is with self care. Whether it be your lifestyle choices, health, physical fitness, pampering, self dating, etc.

Just like any other relationship - with a significant other, friends or family members - you have to make efforts to make it work. To uphold that connection, and constantly grow closer. Just like every other relationship, where you go on dates, buy small gifts, surprise each other, etc. - You need to do the same in the relationship you have with yourself.


Singlehood Self Care

Self care isn't selfish! it's fundamental for a happy single life. I will share Single life self care routines and products - Reviews, tips & advice. Monthly subscription boxes unbing. New post every week.


Dating Yourself

The secret to a happy single life, is to learn how to date yourself properly. I will share with you wonderful date ideas, tips, advice and more!


Single Life Groove

Pinnable and downloadable single life routines, schedules, checklists, challenges, tips, advice, affirmations and more. Most will also be linked to a specific blog post.