Embracing Singlehood

Surviving Lockdown Ideas list and goals

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In my blog post “Survive Lockdown Like A Pro“, I wrote five productive ways to survive lockdown – while single.

Below you will find a printable and pin-able Idea’s List, which you can use for inspirations. Hopefully it will contain something that interests you, or that will give you more and new idea’s.

You will also find a goals list template, which you can also print and fill it up with your goals. I have posted a goals list example as well, with a few of my own goals, to help you out with yours.

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Hey there! My name is Michal, I was born and raised in Israel, currently I live in Tel-Aviv. In my Single Life Blog I write about single life in all its glory, and share Single Life Lessons to help you embrace singlehood. I offer tips and advice for a better, happy single life. How to be independent, feel comfortable in your own skin and company, and how not to chase toxic people.

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